Venmar CES Introduces the VHC-72 – New Semi-custom Energy Recovery Solution

Jun 7 2012

Saskatoon, SK (June 7, 2012) – Venmar CES recently released the newest model in the VHC series, the VHC-72, which represents an evolution to the VHC product line that provides a truly custom energy recovery solution in a light commercial package. The VHC-72 provides an energy efficient design and delivers superior comfort and IEQ with the use of a high performance enthalpy wheel, optional integrated heating and cooling systems and packaged controls.

At a glance, the VHC-72 offers:

• Higher capacities (up to 8,000 cfm at 100% outside air or 35 tons)

• 2-inch double wall, no-through-metal cabinet construction as standard

• High performance AHRI Certified™ enthalpy wheel

• Integrated air cooled packages with high performance micro channel heat exchangers

• Integrated WSHP/GSHP packages with optional waterside economizer (WiSE)

• Innovative airside economizer (AiSE) to optionally bypass the enthalpy wheel and coils

• Optional MERV 17 filters on the supply air discharge (ideal for healthcare applications)


• EPiC™ System Controls

About Venmar CES

Venmar CES is well known as a pioneer in commercial air-to-air energy recovery ventilation. With over 60 years of experience, we are committed to providing cost-effective Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions® and to being our customers’ first choice in creating quiet, comfortable, healthy indoor environments. Learn more about Venmar CES at