How Cloud Computing Is Redefining Custom Cooling

Jan 13 2015

The components within our data centers are changing very quickly. The density of the cloud is demanding a new approach to data center design and deployment. We are seeing more data center interconnectivity, more visibility into distributed environments, and a lot more resources being shared. Through it all, data center technologies sit at the forefront of all modern IT systems. Mobility, cloud computing, and the evolving user are all driving change for data center operators. The important piece to understand is that the data center will still be the critical component for all modern technologies. And moving forward, there will be even more demand around data center resources.
This is where the cloud platform comes in. Micro-data centers and branch locations are changing the way we deliver rich content and data. These smaller locations still need to have resources and still need to be controlled efficiently. There are many new kinds of data centers to consider when working with cloud or even hybrid cloud technologies. These include:

  • Large enterprise data centers
  • Large government and federal data centers
  • Branch locations and data centers
  • Micro-data centers (used often for private cloud extension into the public cloud)
  • Edge data centers for content delivery
  • Dedicated disaster recovery sites
  • Custom-built, container-based data centers
  • Application-specific data center sites

All of these data center points can—and do—now directly interact with a variety of cloud resources. When working with this many data center solutions, it’s important to look at cooling for an entirely new perspective. In terms of cloud and new cooling concepts, remember these key points.

Custom cooling solutions introduce new levels of efficiency. This is one of the first and most important concepts to remember. Just because your current cooling solution is “working” doesn’t mean it’s the optimal system for your data center. Custom HVAC solutions built around application-specific solutions can create true efficiency. Imagine a clean room cooling system for a sterile healthcare environment that is intelligent, efficient, and built around healthcare cooling best practice requirements. Or, a drop-HVAC solution for temporary cooling is implemented in emergency situations or for expanding data centers. Rapid scale and efficiency capabilities can change the way you control and share data center resources. Furthermore, you begin to introduce other environmental efficiencies as well. Power, rack configurations, and resource utilization can all be positively impacted from a well-designed custom cooling solution.

With three decades of experience designing custom mission critical cooling solutions, Nortek Air Solutions has the expertise and technology to optimize the cooling system in your data center—whether you have an older, inefficient system that needs 21st Century performance, or you are building a new data center for cloud computing. The Nortek Air Solutions data center technologies for high efficiency cooling include direct/indirect evaporative cooling, air/water-side economizers, and precision high density computing systems. Many of the Nortek Air Solutions systems are available with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, a patented, integrated fan array system with an installed base of more than 100,000 cubes.

Flexible cooling allows for the rapid evolution of the data center ecosystem. Older cooling solutions were built to stay in place. Does this make sense for the modern data center? Can your cooling solution handle new workloads and market demands? New technologies allow you to create a powerful puzzle piece solution within your data center where cooling components become truly interchangeable. There will be new demands around data center scale and density. Because of the rapid growth in the user and data world – data centers are sometimes caught off-guard. This influx of resource demands requires good data center environmental controls. The most important thing to remember is that data center resource utilization is increasing across all major industries – healthcare, pharmaceuticals, private/public, enterprise, SMB, and much more.

Some of the most critical data center components are optimized via an intelligent and efficient cooling solution. Interchangeable components and easy-to-reach systems allow your data center to have true agility. All of this translates to your ability to adapt faster, deploy more efficiency-driven solutions, and – ultimately – optimize all of the workloads you are delivering.

Custom cooling systems offered by Nortek Air Solutions brands allow the greatest flexibility for efficiency, size, performance and reliability requirements. The wide variety of system types and nearly unlimited options can provide the lowest possible total cost of ownership while meeting all your application requirements. To learn more about Nortek Air Solutions cooling solutions for data centers, email us at

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