Nortek Air Solutions to Discuss Reducing Data Center Costs Via Indirect Evaporative Cooling at DatacenterDynamics Converged

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Jul 22 2015

July 30th Conference Presentation to Spotlight The Next Wave of Data Center Cooling

Eden Prairie, MN (July 22, 2015) — Nortek Air Solutions data center experts will present July 30 at DatacenterDynamics Converged Internet Conference on the benefits associated with leveraging Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) units for highly efficient and more cost-effective data center cooling.

Nortek Air Solutions is a leader and manufacturer of innovative custom and engineered solutions for heating, ventilating and cooling, and the San Francisco presentation will be delivered by Kris Holla, Chief Sales Officer and Vice President, Data Center Products for Nortek, Inc., and Phillip Le Poudre, PhD and P.Eng. Principal Engineer and Technology Lead for Nortek Air Solutions.

The Nortek presenters will address how data center operators can reduce the cost of data center cooling using free cooling systems and the latest IDEC technology, as well as the critical importance of efficient water utilization in managing operating costs.

“Data center cooling systems that incorporate direct (DEC) and indirect (IDEC) free cooling technologies minimize or eliminate the need for condensers or chillers for mechanical cooling and are beginning to be used by the world’s most energy-efficient data centers,” said Holla.

Nortek Air Solution’s new Cool3™ IDEC unit reduces data center humidity fluctuations and filtration requirements for white space in a compact design ideal for new builds as an end-on unit or as a rooftop unit in existing data center facilities where white space is at a premium. A stacked configuration is also available for multi-story facilities.

The Cool3 IDEC unit sensibly and indirectly cools the data center air with higher outdoor air dry-bulb (DB) limits than its competitor solutions, allowing the IDEC unit to operate in economizer (winter) mode for extensive efficient operation (depends upon location). The unit’s high outdoor air DB limit also results in significant savings in water consumption relative to competitor solutions. The Cool3 outdoor air wet-bulb (WB) limit is also very high and slightly higher than the competition.

“These advantages allow our new Cool3 IDEC unit to minimize the mechanical cooling hours required to cool a data center in many locations,” said Le Poudre. “The Cool3 IDEC unit is designed to help our customers achieve an impressive and more energy-efficient partial pPUE (partial Power Usage Effectiveness), higher performance and cost-effective data center cooling experience.”

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