New Cloud Use-Cases Are Requiring Versatile Data Center Cooling Options

Data Centers
Oct 26 2015
Creative Cooling Solutions
Today we already have some creative cooling solutions which include:

  • Direct Air Optimization (DAO) – Direct Air Optimization (DAO) employed by several key customers, moves on from closed circuit cooling, drawing in fresh air directly into the data center and rejecting the warm air to atmosphere.
  • Chilled Water System (CWS) – This solution comprises water chillers (generally fe
    aturing free cooling), a chilled water network and computer room air conditioning units. The chilled water distribution system delivers the required cooling to a number of elements on site. The air conditioning units operate in full recirculation mode inside a sealed environment
  • Indirect Air Optimization (IAO) – Indirect Air Optimization (IAO) removes heat from the data hall return air and rejects this to ambient via a heat exchange process, subsequently returning the suitably cooled air back into the data hall. An adiabatic spray system preceding the heat exchanger intervenes when ambient conditions require it. IAO is ideally suited to the growing number of applications allowing higher temperatures, offering exceptional energy savings.

New Technology Solutions
There are new solutions as well. New types of indirect evaporative cooling (IDEC) platforms help bring big benefits to Next-Gen data centers. An example of the latest in IDEC technology is the Cool3™ IDEC unit from Nortek Air Solutions. Advantages of the new technology include:video_screen_rooftop_cool3

  • Highly efficient water management, a key feature for data centers located where water has limited availability or expensive costs.
  • An approach for highly efficient and cost-effective data center cooling, with typical pPUE <1.1
  • Reduces humidity fluctuations and filtration requirements for white space
  • Flexible configurations that fit most data center designs to optimize white space available for servers—rooftop, stacked or end-on units
  • Compact unit design to reduce unit size and weight

Furthermore, new solutions around cooling systems can now be integrated into smart data center control systems. This allows organizations to prioritize the most energy efficient operating modes. And, you can use the most cost-effective mode depending on the environment, mode, or given requirement. For example, you can save throughout various seasons by intelligently running your systems to optimize savings with Economizer Mode in the winter, or Evaporation Mode during summer, or Evaporation + DX trim Mode for extreme conditions.
These new kinds of cooling systems introduce a new level of versatility for modern data centers hosting cloud solutions. The goal is to create a data center cooling platform which is compact when needed, has a flexible configuration, gives you great water efficiency, and one that can help control energy utilization. All indications point to there being even more requirements around the data center. We’re going to see more users connecting, more workloads be hosted, and a lot more density requirements. All of this translates to using smarter cooling and environmental management solutions. Remember, by integrating smart controls you help create a much more cost-effective and intelligent data center ecosystems. Most of all, you’re designing a data center that’s truly ready for the cloud.

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