RAPID Knock-Down Air Handlers

Knockdown Air Handlers
Dec 2 2015

Do you face severe ingress constraints in replacing or upgrading your air handler or fan? Let the professionals at Temtrol help you make the impossible, possible! Since 1955, Temtrol engineers have used their experience and know-how to design unique solutions for customers. Quality, flexibility, and dependability are what bring customers back to Temtrol.

Existing air handlers in need of an upgrade or replacement are often located in hard-to-reach places where replacing the unit as a whole is not an option. To solve this problem, Temtrol offers a RAPID Knock-Down air handler which allows the building owner to realize the benefits of new, more efficient and reliable technologies, while minimizing building demolition costs and downtime.

tem_dfwa_knockdown_door_2012_200w temtrol_fwt_cube_door helicopter_conono_phillips rice_coil

Shown above are air handler Knock-Down components sized to fit through the allowable space. Components can be sized in shape and weight to reduce helicopter rental expense. Shown below is a fan and coil upgrade using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® where the redundancy of the fan components adds to the unit’s reliability.




Proven Track Record

Temtrol is the industry leader in custom air handling units for retrofit applications. Having shipped hundreds of RAPID Knock-Down units, there is no substitute for experience. If you are planning a system upgrade, contact your local Temtrol Representative.


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