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New Kinds Of Cloud Environments Require New Cooling Solutions

The entire idea here is to allow your data center to breathe easier in the era of cloud.  Organizations are aligning their entire business strategies around the capabilities of IT and their data center. This means administrators are continuously tasked with running an even moreRead more

How IDEC Advances Your Data Center And The Cooling Process

There are some big changes happening within the modern data center business. More users are relying on data center operations to deliver more content, richer applications, and even more data sets. Very soon, every business will become a digital entity requiring some kind of dataRead more

Top Considerations When Defining Your Data Center Needs

The first important step for your organization is to evaluate the business goals and then determine the IT infrastructure needs, which should align with your overall business strategy. Then, when working with a data center provider, you can plan around those established needs. This requiresRead more

Dynamic Energy Optimization And DCIM

To justify the high cost of investment in a DCIM solution, most enterprise DCIM software promise energy savings without providing an actual means of doing so. It appears that monitoring and providing visibility to energy performance metrics such as PUE is somehow automatically equated toRead more

Three Great Cooling Considerations For 2015

Bill Kleyman posted on March 03, 2015 13:54 Cloud, mobility, and wearable technologies all translate to more data and more users accessing the modern data center. As a result, the data center continues to grow in complexity and importance. New technologies are directly impacting data centerRead more