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How New Environmental Concepts Are Being Defined By Your Data Center Rack

Bill Kleyman posted on February 09, 2015 07:37 Big change is happening within the modern data center as new server platforms, greater user densities, and new kinds of applications are redefining not only the data center, but also the rack itself.  The important piece to understandRead more

How Cloud Computing Is Redefining Custom Cooling

Bill Kleyman posted on January 13, 2015 06:05 The components within our data centers are changing very quickly. The density of the cloud is demanding a new approach to data center design and deployment. We are seeing more data center interconnectivity, more visibility into distributed environments,Read more

How The Internet Of Things Is Reshaping The Modern Data Center

Bill Kleyman posted on December 01, 2014 08:50 Modern organizations are now using technology at far greater levels than ever before. These companies are creating new business models, new ways to deliver products and new ways to compete in the market. But let’s pause there forRead more

10 Energy Conservation Measures For Data Centers: New Webinar

Nortek Air Solutions Data Center Team posted on November 14, 2014 07:47 Explore proven ways to save energy and money in this webinar from The Energy Center which explores whether we are coddling our data centers at the expense of efficiency.The webinar course will cover coolingRead more

Creating HVAC Diversity In Your Data Center

Bill Kleyman posted on October 27, 2014 07:48 If you look back just a few years ago, you’d see a completely different kind of data center platform. The old days of data center deployment revolved around racks filled with servers, network and storage components. How isRead more