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Data Centers

Critical Infrastructure for the World’s Leading Data Centers
Critical Infrastructure for the World’s Leading Data Centers

Nortek Air Solutions provides critical infrastructure for the world’s leading data centers through cooling solutions that meet their unique efficiency, redundancy, and scalability requirements. The innovative technologies behind those solutions include our patented FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, direct/indirect evaporative free cooling units, cooling distribution units and rear door heat exchangers, modular data centers, SuperEvap computer room air handlers, airside and waterside economizers, advanced controls, and data center information management (DCIM) software.

Designed with the Data Center in Mind

Our HVAC products are designed and built for the unique requirements of data centers. With our extensive experience providing innovative solutions for the data center market, we’ll help you find the ideal solution for your application.

With our 30+ years of experience providing solutions for mission-critical facilities, we offer a full range of custom air handling solutions that offer the reliability and efficiency you need to ensure smooth operation and lower costs.

Our high-density units offer the most energy- and space-efficient high-density server rack cooling on the market. In fact, our CD6 Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU), used in conjunction with our Rear Door Heat Exchangers, were found by The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) to use just 20% of the energy used by conventional close-control air conditioning unit based systems.

We also offer ultra-efficient adiabatic SuperEvap Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), Modular Data Centers, and retrofit kits to meet all of your data center requirements. Additionally, our data center infrastructure management software sEnergy EMS™ is an advanced energy-centric platform that can help optimize efficiency, asset utilization, and uptime.