Venmar CES Introduces Integrated Thermal Break Framing™ (ITF) Construction at Aston Facility

Jun 3 2010

Saskatoon, SK (June 3, 2010) – Venmar CES is pleased to announce that all of the products fabricated in our StLéonard-d’Aston, QC facility are now built with the new Integrated Thermal Break Framing (ITF) system and floor membrane.

This applies to all EnergyPack® products as well as our HRV3000–10000 and ERV5000 –10000 product lines.

The ITF cabinet will enhance our current offering by adding the following features:

• 3-inch, R12.9 double wall construction (walls, roof and doors)

• Thermal break construction

• 6-inch welded base frame and floor

• A unique, industrial grade floor membrane which provides superior walk-on adherence while delivering an unparalleled level of air and water-tightness

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