Temtrol Introduces RAPID Knock-Down Air Handler

Aug 2 2012

Okarche, OK (August 2, 2012)—Temtrol has introduced the RAPID Knock-Down air handler (RKD), an air handler designed to be delivered to the jobsite in sections matched to the building’s minimum opening, to allow for easier installation into tight or hard-to-reach spaces. This technology was pioneered by Temtrol to meet an increasing need for retrofitting buildings with severe ingress constraints. The RAPID Knock-Down air handler reduces the need for costly demolition or helicopter expenses.

pr_tem_2012_rapidknockdownThe Temtrol RKD unit arrives at the jobsite in shrink-wrapped sections that are matched to the sizes of the building’s opening. Panels and frames are easily removed; and fasteners, gaskets, and sealants ship with the unit along with documentation. The unit is then installed in the allowable space and is warranted as if installed as one piece.

Says John Habel, VP Sales for Temtrol, “The RAPID Knock-Down air handler allows building owners to realize the benefits of new, more efficient and reliable technologies while minimizing building demolition costs and downtime. In fact, contractors have experienced up to a 40% savings in installation time when using Temtrol’s RKD over a palletized knock-down unit.” Habel adds, “While the idea of assembling a knock-down air handler may seem daunting, Temtrol makes it easy by providing factory-supplied blueprints and instructions to walk the installer through the process. In addition, we invite contractors to visit the Temtrol factory and participate in hands-on training on unit disassembly and assembly, to become a Temtrol Certified Installer.”

The Temtrol RAPID Knock-Down air handler has already been received positively in the industry. Recently, a major transportation hub installed in excess of 50 units, taking advantage of the units’ higher efficiency and ease of installation.

More information about the Temtrol RAPID Knock-Down air handler can be found at: http://www.temtrol.com/TemtrolProducts/RAPIDKnockdownAirHandlers.aspx.

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