Air Handler Upgrades

Dec 2 2012

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Do any of the following statements apply to your building’s HVAC system?

  • Aging air handlers require added maintenance just to keep them running.
  • A catastrophic fan failure in your air handler(s) could interrupt your building operations for days or longer.
  • Changing facility requirements since your air handler was installed have exceeded its capacity limit.
  • You are looking for significant energy saving opportunities.

These are among the compelling reasons to consider a replacement or upgrade of your existing air handlers. But the prospect can be daunting:

  • hilton2Many air handlers are tucked away in the bowels of buildings with severe egress constraints.
  • Significant destruction and reconstruction to remove an old air handler and bring in a like-for-like replacement can be cost-prohibitive.
  • The overall process could cause an unacceptable interruption in your operations.

Nortek Air Solutions offers unique, custom solutions that address these concerns while delivering an air handler replacement or upgrade that meets or exceeds your current requirements:

  • Fan replacements using modular FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®
  • Modular air handlers sized to navigate your existing doorways, elevators and other access points
  • Knock-down air handlers for replacements where access is extremely limitedventrol_kd_ahu_burke
  • Site-built air handlers where an air handler is actually built into the space.

We invite you to learn more in the above video. Contact your local Nortek Air Solutions Representative to explore replacement or upgrade opportunities for your aging air handlers.