Dec 2 2012

Famous for its quiet operation and compact footprint, the V-Cube self contained system provides a solution for buildings of every type and size.  Offering tremendous flexibility, including airflow capacitiev_cube_webs and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, each V-Cube unit is customized to meet exact customer requests and project requirements.  The V-Cube selection program allows units to be selected from a broad range of configurations::

  • DX with air- cooled, water-cooled or glycol cooling
  • Steam, hot water or electric heat
  • Air/waterside economizer
  • Chilled water air handler


Basic Features and Benefits:

  • Sizing flexibility – from 9 to 150 tons capacity and airflow from 4,000 to 40,000 cfm to match application requirements
  • Quality construction – featuring a 3-inch double-wall Integrated Thermal Break Framing (ITF)™ system with R12.9 insulation in the walls roof and doors and a welded base frame (6-inch structural tubing perimeter) and double-seal thermal break doors
  • Innovative base frame– with a floor membrane to provide an industrial grade, flexible and tough air and water seal to improve leakage characteristics and minimizes sound transmission
  • Exceptionally quiet operation – allows units to be placed adjacent to occupied spaces and can reduce attenuation costs
  • High efficiency – multiple coil and compressor combinations, shell and tube condensers to minimize condensing temperatures and water pressure drop, and variable frequency drive (VFD) selections for VAV operation allow efficiency to be optimized for each specific application
  • Flexible discharge configurations – units can be configured for side, top or down discharge for use in underfloor applications
  • Knock-down capability – allows unit to be fit unit through a standard 3-foot doorway and in service elevators without breaking refrigerant lines
  • Compact footprint – reduces interior space required and allows for easier replacement of units manufactured by othersv_cube_open_web
  • Multiple fan selections – standard plug fans provide exceptionally quiet operation.  Optional FANWALL TECHNOLOGY eliminates belt, sheave and bearing maintenance and provides added redundancy for reliable operation
  • Flexible coil selections – up to 10 rows allowing use in a variety of applications including in low air temperature
  • Efficient, quiet compressor selections –scroll compressors can be selected in multiple combinations to optimize efficiency for your application
  • Multiple filter options – including optional MERV13, 4-inch final filters with 2-inch pre-filters to provide superior indoor air quality.  Factory-installed filter racks reduce installation costs and enable easy filter replacement
  • Independent refrigerant circuits – provide redundancy for reliable operation
  • Waterside economizer option – provides the ability to take maximum advantage of free cooling opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Factory-integrated controller – EPiC™ controls offer flexibility for standalone operation or optional communication with common, industry-recognized protocols
  • Easy maintenance design – unit tooled access panels, cleanable-in-place shell and tube condenser, 3-inch double wall construction and a dual sloped, stainless steel drain pan encourage routine maintenance for peak performance

For more information, contact your local representative.