Venmar CES Introduces New High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pump

Jul 3 2013

venmar_ces_rci_ashpSt-Leonard-d’Aston, QC (July 3, 2013) – Venmar CES has introduced a new Reverse Cycle Integrated (RCI) air source heat pump (ASHP) option for its EnergyPack® line of energy recovery ventilation products. The RCI ASHP option is a 100% fresh air, Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution that provides an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution for heating and cooling, especially where ground water or tower loops are not otherwise available.

The RCI air source heat pump option is the premiere choice for heating and cooling applications between 5,000 and 18,000 cfm, in any geographic location and features:

• Extremely high COP at VERY LOW ambient temperatures
• Provides economical compressor heat at ANY ambient temperature
• Capable of heating outdoor air from 0°F to 72°F without expensive auxiliary heat
• Only requires a minimal amount of pre-heat below 0°F

For more information on the RCI ASHP option for EnergyPack products, please contact your Venmar CES representative.

About Venmar CES

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