Custom Air Handler for Mid-sized Applications

New modular design unit is available from 200 to 30,000 cfm

Sep 20 2016

Nortek Air Solutions announces a new Huntair brand air handler called Gen II, which is aimed at mid-sized applications, that want to benefit from the efficiency and reliability advantages of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®.

The Gen II construction already used for FANWALL® systems in Nortek Air Solutions air handling equipment offers unique properties for modular knockdown air handlers. For example, Gen II modules can be easily disconnected to allow units to be more readily installed at job sites where access or space is limited. Module options include economizer sections, plenums, FANWALL fan array systems, coils, filters, structural bases, and roof curbs. Gen II AHU’s are available with both indoor and outdoor construction.

“The design and technology of these Gen II air handlers combines the quality and customization that the Huntair brand is known for, along with modular flexibility,” said Joe Naccarello, Vice President of Air Handler Sales. “The result is a new line of cost-effective air handlers for mid-sized applications, especially for retrofit or replacement projects that can take advantage of its flexibility.”

The new Gen II air handlers are available in modular sizes based on the number of FANWALL fan cubes – single fan, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, and 9-fan units. All sizes are tested to ETL certification standards.

Available options include:

  • Control options for BMS integration or stand-alone PLC optimization.
  • Integral suspension.
  • Bases of aluminum or steel with channel or tube construction.
  • Powder coated, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel panels.
  • AHRI Certified heating/cooling coils.
  • Pre, final, HEPA, or carbon filters.
  • Structural steel or aluminum bases/roof curbs.

About Nortek Air Solutions

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The Huntair brand Gen II air handler for mid-sized indoor or outdoor air handling systems.