Spring Cleaning Your Coils

Apr 15 2024

With spring here, that means the cooling season is fast approaching. Just like you spring clean your house, you should also be thinking about spring cleaning your chilled water coils!

Here are some things Nortek Coil Solutions recommends you do—and don’t do—when it comes to spring cleaning your chilled water coils.

  • Coils should be inspected at the start of each cooling season
  • Dirty coils should be cleaned if necessary
  • During Cleaning:
    • Do’s
      • Remove large debris before starting to clean
      • Check drains to ensure that they flow freely
      • Protect components that could be damaged by water
      • Use low-pressure water in combination with an approved coil cleaner, such as a mild alkali cleaner
      • Wash the coil from the top down from the outlet side of the coil
      • Ensure that rinse water is disposed of properly
      • Make sure to rinse all chemicals used from the fin surfaces
      • Straighten any damaged fins with an appropriately sized fin comb
      • Make sure to clean the drain pan in addition to the coil surfaces
      • Check and replace air filters as required
    • Don’ts
      • Use high-pressure concentrated spray that could damage fin surfaces
      • Use aggressive mechanical methods
      • Use harsh chemicals not approved by the coil manufacturer
        • Don’t use acidic chemical coil cleaners, or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solutions to clean aluminum or copper fin surfaces
        • Do not use alkaline coil cleaners with a pH value greater than 8.5 or lower than 6
      • Release chemicals in ways that do not conform with local environmental policy

If you need fin combs to comb out damaged fins, or you’ve found that you need a replacement chilled water coil, make sure to contact one of the members of the coil sales team and we will get you taken care of!

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