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A Guide to Data Center Cooling Technology – Clean Air Solutions

Data centers and clean air solutions make up the backbone of the internet’s infrastructure. They house the network systems necessary to facilitate the transfer of data. Without data centers, simple operations, such as sending messages online, would be impossible. Additionally, many businesses that rely on digitalRead more

Why Data Center Cooling is Absolutely Essential in 2020

Data centers use a ton of power. It’s no surprise that they do. Consider the amount of computing power a data center manages, all while fitting onto a single data floor. Then there’s the infrastructure required to cool and maintain the perfect operating environment forRead more

Air Solutions for Data Center Cooling

Air solutions for data center cooling are increasingly in demand these days. When we consider the rise in internet and cloud computing and the connected nature of the world around us, we know that the demand for computers and the internet isn’t going to slowRead more

Understanding ASHRAE Std 90.4 for Data Centers

ASHRAE members can see a first view of Standard 90.4, ASHRAE’s new energy standard for data centers, in the October 2016 issue of the ASHRAE Journal. This month’s cover article authored by Ron Jarnagin outlines: How the standard for data centers was developed. The synergy betweenRead more

Minimizing Energy Costs In Data Centers Using Evaporative Cooling

A new article titled Minimizing Energy Costs in Data Centers Using Evaporative Cooling on the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News web site highlights the many efficiency and operating cost advantages of evaporative cooling for data centers. Kris Holla of Nortek Air Solutions is one of the industryRead more