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Air Handler Upgrades

Video goes here   Do any of the following statements apply to your building’s HVAC system? Aging air handlers require added maintenance just to keep them running. A catastrophic fan failure in your air handler(s) could interrupt your building operations for days or longer. Changing facilityRead more

Case Study: Chicago Board of Trade

At a Glance Rising maintenance costs and the higher probability of an HVAC system failure provided ample support for replacing aging built up air handlers installed in 24th floor mechanical rooms. Access restrictions and uptime requirements eliminated options to fully replace the air handlers orRead more

Venmar CES–University of Saskatchewan Research Partnership

Saskatoon, SK (November 30, 2012) – A long standing partnership between Venmar CES and the University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering is resulting in a new heat exchanger technology that promises to cut building heating and cooling costs by up to 80 percent. A prototypeRead more

Governair Delivers 100% Outdoor Air Solution at MIT

Laboratory/Office Case Study From Model T’s to High-Tech Research At a Glance Historic 240,000 sq. ft. Factory Building Converted to High-Tech Laboratory Spaces Entire Building Brought to Lab Standards with 100% Outdoor Air Four 90,000 cfm Governair Custom Air Handlers Supply Existing VAV System RunaroundRead more

Venmar CES Launches New Public Website

Saskatoon, SK (August 27, 2012) – Venmar CES is pleased to announce that we have updated our public website ( with a new “look-and-feel” to help us better communicate our brand, our values and the innovative solutions that we can provide. We have Quick LinksRead more