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Willis Pugh Joins Nortek Air Solutions

Nortek Air Solutions is pleased to announce that Willis Pugh is joining the company as Vice President and General Manager for the Coils, Parts, and Service (CPS) segment.Read more

As Seen in Clean Air and Containment Review Journal

There are many considerations when designing a cleanroom ceiling system and this article sets out to list and explain the most important.Read more

Enhancing Cleanroom Operations: 3 Insights from the SEMI Fab Owners Alliance Q1 Collaborative Forum

Learn more about three key themes we're predicting for enhancing cleanroom operations in the future.Read more

Nortek Air Solutions Announces New Psychrometric Thermodynamics Testing Lab in Aston, Quebec

Nortek Air Solutions is furthering our investment in our Aston, Quebec facility and DX product line with the addition of a new multi-million dollar psychrometric thermodynamics testing lab.Read more

Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace Launches Flex-Trak Stick-Built Ceiling Grid for Cleanrooms

Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace today unveiled its new stick-built ceiling grid solution for cleanrooms. With the launch of this product, Nortek Air Solutions CleanSpace has become the only cleanroom ceiling grid manufacturer to offer a complete suite of grid solutions and options.Read more