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CD6 Cooling Distribution Units

CD6 Cooling Distribution Units

The Most Efficient High-Density Cooling – Tested!

Our CD6 Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU), used in conjunction with our 5U Rear Door Heat Exchangers, provides the most energy and space-efficient, high-density server rack cooling on the market. The CD6 Unit is designed to provide cooling water for up to 20 rear door heat exchangers (RDHx), controlling the flow of clean, treated water to one or more rear door heat exchangers at above dew point to ensure condensation-free operation. Capable of up to 305kW of cooling capacity, the unit can deliver 260kW of cooling in less than 1 m² of space. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) found that this system used just 20% of energy used by conventional close-control air conditioning unit systems

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Want more information?

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Benefits & Features

Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Only 4kW of power provides 305kW of cooling.
  • Water flow controlled to maintain optimum operation and minimize energy use.
  • Ensures 100% sensible cooling, reducing the need for humidification and saving energy.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Plug-and-play manifold provides scalability and white space flexibility upgrade path.
  • Optional internal manifold with leak-free quick-release couplings, allowing connection of up to 8 racks with heat loads of up to 30kW.
  • Easy to install and retrofit.
  • Provides essential monitoring of the racks being cooled and system status.
  • No potentially unreliable condensate pumps required anywhere in the system.
  • Enables system redundancy through secondary manifold design.
System Monitoring
  • Provides essential monitoring of the racks being cooled and system status.
  • Full alarm monitoring and connectivity.
  • Modbus + SNMPv3.

Technical Specifications

Water Cooled Systems

ServerCool® RDHx’s/CDU Cooling

Range of Effective Cooling (kW per rack)

5.0 - 30.0

Energy per 15 0kW Cooling (kW)


Approx. Capital Expenditure + Energy Cost for 150 kW Cooling for 5 Years


CO² Emissions for 150 kW Cooling for 5 Years

53,524 kg

Footprint per 150kW Cooling (m²)


Upgrade Path and Flexibility

Easy Retrofit

Noise Addition in Data Center


Built-in Redundancy of Moving Parts


Condensate-Free Operation


Low (<3 bar) Operating Pressure for Safety


Consequence of Failure or Leak

Small Volume Secondary Water Loop, No Impact on Shut Down