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Computer Room Air Handler and Conditioner Retrofit Kits

Computer Room Air Handler and Conditioner Retrofit Kits

High-Efficiency Data Center Air Handler Replacement Units and Kits

We offer multiple options for making your existing Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) and Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) more efficient and reliable. The compact unit footprints, custom configurations, knockdown options, and modular construction of our retrofit systems make it possible to replace the entire legacy unit without redesigning your data center, all while reducing installation time and costs. If you don’t want to replace the entire unit, we offer an easy to install, direct-drive plug fan box designed to retrofit large computer room air handlers (CRAH) by replacing belt driving bowers for immediate energy savings compared to the legacy units.

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Benefits & Features

Superior Energy Efficiency
  • Experience energy savings up to 40% just by replacing the entire CRAH unit.
  • Achieve greater than 50% energy savings with advanced controls.
Increased Cooling Capacity and Airflow
  • 78 to 110 kW, 10,000 to 22,000 cfm cooling capacity.
  • Increase air volume.
Unique Design and Flexibility
  • Unique design allows direct drop-in replacement — downflow or upflow.
  • Requires no modification to existing infrastructure — piping, wiring, floor stand, or floor tile configuration.
  • Available with chilled water, direct expansion (DX), and water (glycol) cooled options.
  • Maximized use of free cooling designs incorporating direct and indirect evaporative cooling concepts in addition to water and airside economizer systems to minimize or eliminate the energy consumed for mechanical cooling.
Fan Options — Including FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®
  • Airfoil plug fans with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) consume less energy, are quieter, and provide optimized under floor pressure and balanced air flow.
  • FANWALL® array retrofit kits available. View our CRAH FANWALL Retrofit Brochure.
  • BACnet® communication with all building management or building automation systems.
  • Provides closed-loop PID control of CW valve operation and fan speed.
  • Update existing control options (under floor pressure control, supply air temperature control, independent fan and valve control).
  • Advanced control options — supply air temperature and fan control based upon wireless rack inlet air temperature sensing to optimize cooling energy use.

Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacities

78 – 110


21 – 42


10,000 – 22,000


16,990 – 33,378

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