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The world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable, efficient data center cooling solutions.

Nortek Air Solutions has an efficient, sustainable cooling solution to fit the needs of any data center – from chip to plant. As the demand for data storage and computing power increases, the demand for sustainable, efficient solutions to cool the facilities that house these technologies increases as well. Data centers and technical companies must adapt to more resource-friendly cooling technology in order to thrive in this rapidly growing market.

Nortek Air Solutions is paving the way for the next generation of data center cooling solutions with our complete line of products; from our ServerCool liquid cooling products to the StatePoint Liquid Cooling system – the world’s first sustainable data center cooling technology.

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Active Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Removes heat from the server rack at source and then discharges the heat to the building chilled water system via a Cooling Distribution Unit.

StatePoint Liquid Cooling Technology

StatePoint’s flexible design can be used in any data center regardless of location or climate and still maintain sustainable, efficient performance.