Experts in Building Environments™

Family of Brands

Over the years, Nortek Air Solutions brands have engineered and manufactured high-quality, innovative custom HVAC solutions for virtually any type of building. We continue advancing the technology we use to provide reliable, energy-efficient HVAC equipment for buildings at any stage of their life cycle — construction, renovation and expansion, or replacement.

CLEANPAK® is a fully customized line of cleanroom equipment, including ceiling grids, unidirectional plenums, and custom air handling equipment for the microtechnology, semiconductor, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.
CLEANSUITE® is a fully integrated ceiling system for operating room applications that helps prevent infections caused by airborne contaminants in operating rooms.
EnergyPack® brand of packaged HVAC solutions are customized with innovative features and patented technology to offer the most efficient product of their kind.
FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® , our patented system of state-of-the-art fans, motors, cabinetry, and controls, was the first integrated fan array on the market.
Governair® has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom HVAC systems since its founding in 1937. The brand focuses on custom commercial and industrial air handling systems.
Huntair® inventor of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®  — is a leader in meeting mission-critical air management requirements for the aerospace, biotech, hospital, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.
Mammoth ® manufactures custom packaged DX systems, including the Ultraline™ Rooftop System and Vertical Self-contained Systems, which have developed a reputation for performance and reliability since 1935.  
ServerCool™ For over 20 years, the most prestigious and demanding organizations have depended on ServerCool products. The ServerCool brand has emerged as the market’s reference for designing and building cooling distribution units for the high-performance computer industry.
Temtrol® provides custom air handling solutions, fan upgrades and retrofits, and coils for a variety of industrial and commercial applications based on a combination of flexibility, efficiency, and value.
Ultraline™ Custom Packaged DX Systems have provided innovative, customized solutions to meet specific application requirements.
V-Cube™ & V-Cube™ Slim Self-contained Systems offer quiet operation, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility for floor-by-floor HVAC.
Venmar CES® is a pioneer in energy recovery for the commercial ventilation market through the use of Energy Recovery Systems, such as enthalpy wheels, plate exchangers, and heat pipes as well as custom Dedicated Outdoor Systems  
Ventrol® specializes in innovative custom air handling solutions, including Knockdown Air Handling Units, thermal break construction, coils, and humidification management systems.