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Our waterside economizer (WiSE) is an energy-saving system that uses a cooling tower, condenser, water piping, control valves, and water coils to provide cooling without compressor operation. This innovation, which can be integrated into our Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, is often referred to as “free cooling.”

How Do Economizers Work?

Water economizer coils are used to pre-cool fluid before it reaches the compressor, reducing the amount of mechanical cooling needed to meet load requirements.

The water economizer coil can be used anytime the ambient outside air temperature is below the return fluid temperature of the system. The system uses a cooling tower’s ability, at lower temperatures, to provide condenser water cold enough to cool the building air directly through a water coil.

For example, when the outside ambient temperature is 30F, a water economizer coil can essentially provide the entire load for the system without any mechanical cooling. For units that run 24/7/365 days a year, the energy savings can be significant.

Economizers chart
Battle Creek Central High School - Battle Creek, MI

Battle Creek Central High School uses 14 Energy Recovery System Air Handlers in a renovation project, giving them an innovative, energy-efficient solution.

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Battle Creek Central High School