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Cleanroom Systems

Precise Temperature Control and Filtration

Nortek CleanSpace brings you a Complete Cleanroom Program with our strong brands of CLEANPAK and HUNTAIR.

CLEANPAK is a fully-customized line of cleanroom equipment including ceiling grids, unidirectional plenums, and custom air handling equipment serving all classes and grades of cleanrooms in the semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceutical sterile manufacturing - clean assembly, life science research, and university & lab research - nanotechnology research industries. HUNTAIR-brand air handlers, which include FANWALL technology, are the preferred choice for engineers, contractors, and building owners who value redundancy, quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance and service for new construction and retrofit building projects. With over 30 years serving all types of clean environments, we have the experience to support every phase of cleanroom design and construction.

At Nortek CleanSpace, we’ve engineered over 20 million square feet of cleanroom systems that meet strict specifications to keep the world’s most innovative spaces running.

Clean-Trak® Modular Cleanroom Ceiling Grids

The Clean-Trak® modular flush-surface cleanroom ceiling grid provides the highest degree of unidirectional airflow and lowest turbulence of any integrated ceiling T grid system.

Flex-Trak™ T Grid
Ceiling Grids

The Flex-Trak™ cleanroom ceiling is a high-performance, walkable stick-built gasketed T grid system that can be pre-assembled in modules.

CleanPak® Fan Filter Units

Clean-Pak fan filter units reduce operating costs and provide advanced monitoring and control features for seamless fab operation.

Cleanroom Air Handling Units

Our cleanroom air handling units are designed with smooth, washable interiors to withstand the harsh chemicals used in cleanroom environments.

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Learn more about Nortek Air Solutions’ comprehensive offering of cleanroom ceiling systems and custom air handling equipment, and how we keep the world’s most advanced and innovative spaces running.

Industries Served

  • Semiconductor

    CleanPak offers world-Class semiconductor cleanroom air handling products and ceiling systems. Walkable with all accessories and the highest load capability, Class 1 to 100,000 ISO Class 3 to 8, with over 20 million square feet of cleanroom ceilings installed worldwide

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  • Pharmaceuticals

    CleanPak cleanroom products represent years of experience designing and manufacturing clean environments, from Grade A and B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms in the 10,000+ square foot range.

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  • Life Sciences

    From Grade A and B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms and university research cleanrooms in the 10,000+ square foot range, Nortek CleanPak has defined how cleanroom systems are designed with our world-class air handling products and ceiling systems.

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  • Aerospace

    Aerospace cleanroom environments demand some of the most stringent contaminant control requirements in the world. CleanPak custom air handling product and ceiling systems meet Class 1 to 100,000 ISO Class 3 to 8 cleanroom standards and can meet the toughest specifications.

  • University Research

    CleanPak cleanroom products support a wide variety of University Research applications such as Nanofabrication and Nanoscale Science and Engineering labs. Commonly in ISO Class 5 to 8, offering custom designed ceiling systems with plenum and FFU options, and custom air handling products.

  • Medical Devices & Packaging

    Medical device manufacturing and packaging are commonly conducted in ISO Class 5 to 8 cleanroom environments. CleanPak custom air handling products and ceiling systems can be specifically designed for these requirements.