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Energy Recovery Systems

High-performance, Efficient Energy Recovery Systems to Reduce Energy Costs

Our Energy Recovery Systems integrate advanced energy recovery technologies and components into the HVAC system to capture the energy in the airstream — that would otherwise be exhausted to atmosphere — and use it to either pre-heat or pre-cool the outdoor airstream. This method of air treatment leads to significant energy savings and superior indoor air quality. Our air-to-air heat exchangers from the Venmar® and Ventrol® brands carry the AHRI 1060 certification seal for AHRI Certified™ performance for either wheel, plate, or heat pipe heat exchangers. Our innovative features — including FANWALL® Fans, direct digital controls, waterside economizer coils for free cooling and heating, high-quality construction materials and coatings, and filters up to MERV 17 — make our Energy Recovery Systems an ideal solution for applications requiring 100% fresh outdoor air, energy efficiency, humidity control, and occupant satisfaction.