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Innovative Solutions for Your HVAC Needs
Innovative Solutions for Your HVAC Needs


Nortek Air Solutions custom engineers a wide array of innovative products to help you solve your application needs. For years, we’ve designed, built, and installed the best possible HVAC solutions in a range of industries, focusing on your specific requirements and the critical factors in modern HVAC, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Low sound levels
  • Ease of installation

Air Handlers

We offer a range of Semi Custom, Custom, Retrofit, and Makeup Air Handlers to meet your air handling and ventilation requirements, size constraints, efficiency and energy standards, reliability needs, and air quality and sound considerations. All of our air handlers are available with innovative FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®.

Cleanroom Systems

Our Cleanroom Systems are ideal for applications requiring precise temperature control, filtration, and compliance with regulations and standards, including pharmaceutical, aerospace, biotechnology, nanotechnology, research laboratory, or life science equipment.


We offer a full line of high-quality, high-performance hot and cold water, steam, booster, direct expansion (DX), and replacement coils for your air handling system. Additionally, if you need to replace a coil, we have the ability to quickly deliver the coil you need.

Packaged Systems

Our custom Packaged Systems offer design flexibility, innovative technology, energy efficiency, and superior indoor air quality for your building application.

Vertical Self-contained Systems

Vertical Self-contained Systems are ideal for floor-by-floor HVAC. These systems provide an efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and reliable approach to creating comfortable environments in mid-rise and high-rise buildings, offices, and schools.