Ventrol® Announces New Thermal Break Technologies

Oct 4 2010

Anjou, Québec (October, 2010)—Ventrol recently announced the addition of a new double skin panel with an injected polyurethane foam insulation option, and new no-through-metal thermal break options.

Says Joe Naccarello, National Sales Manager for Ventrol, “Low temperature supply air applications continue to increase among our customers, and we are pleased to offer our new insulation and thermal break capabilities to help prevent air handlers from sweating.”

Benefits of the new cabinet insulation and thermal break offerings include:

• 50% increase in thermal resistance (R-Value) over fiberglass insulation, up to R26

• Leakage rates of class 2 or better per SMACNA, less than 0.5% leakage up to 12” wg pressure

• No-through-metal construction in walls, ceiling, and optionally in the unit base

• Improved rigidity, with deflection no greater than L/240

• Variable 1” increments to improve unit air and water tightness

• Full design flexibility including:

o Welded floor seams

o Drainable floor design

o Knocked-down unit construction

o Thermal break options to meet necessary temperature requirements

o Sheet metal material choices (Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless Steel)

• Conforms to ASTM E84 and NFPA 90A and B

A variety of construction options are available, including variations in wall thicknesses, RValue, cabinet insulation options, and thermal break options.

Ventrol, since 1998, provides packaged and custom air-handling equipment designed for retrofit or new construction projects from 500 to 300,000+ cfm in size. Contact a local Ventrol Representative to learn more about the Ventrol thermal break technologies. Locate your nearest Representative by visiting