Reintroduction of Mammoth® V‑Cube Slim Product Line – 15 to 70 Tons

Dec 16 2022

Nortek Air Solutions reintroduces the Mammoth V-Cube Slim Vertical Self-Contained product line.

St. Louis, December 16, 2022 – To address the rising need to replace and upgrade the aging vertical self-contained population, Nortek Air Solutions is proud to announce the reintroduction of Mammoth’s V-Cube Slim vertical self-contained product line back into its vertical self-contained family of products.

Mammoth® V-Cube Slim system is a high efficiency solution for floor-by-floor air conditioning in medium- to high-rise commercial and institutional buildings. It combines advanced features such as FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® and factory-installed variable frequency drive (VFD), with tremendous application flexibility for use in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • 15 to 70 ton packaged DX cooling and heating, for VAV or make-up air systems, which come fully charged
    • Cleanable shell and tube condensers
    • Variable speed scroll compressors for efficient and reliable part-load operation
  • Water source heat pump (reverse cycle) options
    • Standard boiler/tower loop systems
    • Geothermal extended range systems
  • Optional free cooling waterside economizer coil and valve package to take advantage of hours of cooling without the use of compressors
  • Air handler only with chilled water coils ideal for compact installations
  • And most importantly, available in all configurations as a knock-down replacement unit that can fit through standard doorways

See your Nortek Air Solutions Representative to learn more about Mammoth V-Cube Slim products. Click here to find your nearest Nortek Representative.