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FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, our integrated fan array solution for air handlers, has become the preferred fan array for engineers, contractors, and building owners who value redundancy, compact size, quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance and service for both new construction and retrofit building projects.

The original idea for FANWALL TECHNOLOGY grew out of Huntair’s extensive experience designing ceiling grid systems used in cleanroom applications. Today, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is available in equipment from all Nortek Air Solutions brands.

FANWALL systems are available in several options and configurations for your air handler, making it the ideal choice for new and retrofit installations where access or space is limited.

Nortek Air Solutions continues to develop new innovations and advancements to improve FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, for example permanent magnet motors, ultra-premium efficient IE5+ motors, and premium fan-wheel designs. Over 100,000 FANWALL cubes have been installed in some of the highest-profile commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings around the world.