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HVAC Solutions for Every Application
HVAC Solutions for Every Application

Solutions by Market

Nortek Air Solutions has extensive, in-depth experience providing innovative, high-performance custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. With over 240 years of combined experience among our brands, we have the technical knowledge and engineering expertise to help you solve any challenge and design the ideal solution for your application.


We’ll help you create environments with the superior indoor air quality and low sound levels you need for comfortable, productive education facilities for students, teachers, and staff, whether you operate a K-12 school, university, or community college.


We offer reliable, high-performance HVAC solutions with special features to meet the unique requirements of healthcare environments for patients and staff.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We design and build high-quality, high-performance, flexible custom HVAC solutions for a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications, including heavy manufacturing, food and beverage industries, high-tech manufacturing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing requiring cleanroom environments.

Cleanrooms & Laboratories

Our Cleanroom Air Handlers, Ceiling Systems, and Modular Cleanrooms are ideal for facilities requiring particulate and contaminant management in cleanroom and laboratory environments, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical labs, and research centers.

Offices & Retail

We provide innovative, efficient, reliable HVAC systems to meet the indoor air quality, flexibility, and low sound levels required for office buildings and retail spaces, where comfort and productivity are priorities.

Government & Public Buildings

We design and manufacture reliable, high-quality HVAC solutions for comfortable, healthy government and public buildings, including a wide range of facilities such as offices, laboratories, and military bases, plus airport, subway, and train terminals.

Hospitality & Amusement

We offer a variety of innovative custom solutions to meet the unique requirements of hospitality and amusement facilities, including cooling and ventilation demands to meet variable occupancy, sound level requirements, and demanding humidity control needs.


Our HVAC solutions, integrated Ceiling Systems, and Modular Cleanrooms help meet the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which requires strict particulate and contaminant control.


CleanPak offers world-Class semiconductor cleanroom air handling products and ceiling systems. Walkable with all accessories and the highest load capability, Class 1 to 100,000 ISO Class 3 to 8, with over 20 million square feet of cleanroom ceilings installed worldwide

Retrofit & Upgrades

We develop innovative HVAC retrofit and upgrade solutions that are reliable, efficient, and high performance, ideal for situations where you need to replace end-of-life units or components, find a more efficient air handling solution, or address changing requirements for your application.