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Nortek Air Solutions is a leader and innovator in custom HVAC efficiency. Our unique designs, innovative solutions, and advanced technology contribute to systems and components that are efficient, environmentally responsible, high performance, and reliable — and can help you save energy.


Waterside economizer (WiSE) coils can be placed on both evaporative and air cooled units to pre-cool fluid before it reaches the compressor(s), reducing the amount of mechanical cooling needed to meet load requirements. As a result, energy costs are reduced.

Magnetic-bearing Compressors

Oil-free, frictionless magnetic-bearing compressors are available in some packaged DX systems. These compressors provide tremendous efficiency at part load and offer significant energy savings for variable air volume (VAV) systems, in addition to lower maintenance costs and improved reliability.

Evaporative Condensing

Nortek Air Solutions Mammoth brand pioneered the use of evaporative condensers in commercial HVAC applications more than 40 years ago. Our innovative process uses the cooling effect of evaporation to lower the condensing temperature in a DX system.

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems use the energy in building air that would normally be exhausted to treat the incoming ventilation air. Our innovative energy recovery systems improve the efficiency, indoor air quality, and moisture control of your air handling solution.

Transamerica Pyramid — FANWALL® Retrofit - San Francisco, CA

The 1970s era air handler fans serving floors 1 to 18 of the Transamerica Pyramid required continual maintenance. Any replacement system needed to minimize tenant disruptions, reduce energy costs, and lower sound levels.

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