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Free Cooling

Free Cooling
Free Cooling

Free cooling uses low outside air temperatures to cool a building interior. This can result in significant cost and energy savings, particularly in Data Center or other applications which have extensive heat loads, because it minimizes or eliminates the need for mechanical cooling that requires a chiller or compressor from another system. Free cooling comes from airside or waterside economizers as well as indirect evaporative cooling.

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Airside and Waterside Economizers

Airside economizers use cold external ambient air during cool seasons or at appropriate latitudes and elevations. The cool external air is filtered and humidified, then supplied to the building.

Waterside economizer (WiSE) coils can be placed on both evaporative and air cooled units to pre-cool fluid before it reaches the compressor(s), reducing the amount of mechanical cooling needed to meet load requirements. Reduced energy consumption from compressor operation can ultimately result in lower costs for the building owner.

The WiSE coil is enabled whenever the ambient outside air temperature is below the return fluid temperature of the system. For units that run 24/7/365, the energy savings can be significant. For example, when the outside ambient temperature is 30°F, a WiSE coil can essentially provide the entire load for the system with no mechanical cooling required.

Airside and waterside economizer options can be integrated into many of our custom HVAC systems, including our Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems.

Battle Creek Central High School - Battle Creek, MI

Battle Creek Central High School uses 14 Energy Recovery System Air Handlers in a renovation project, giving them an innovative, energy-efficient solution.

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Battle Creek Central High School