Key Features

  • Walkable grid
  • T-nut slots for flexibility in grid configurations
  • Pre-marked main runners for cross-stick locations
  • Top and bottom tracks with high single point load capacity
  • Minimized added parts to handle drag loads
  • Grid sticks are available in a standard 5” tall profile for around 4’ spans and an 8” tall profile for large spans
  • Optional ports in cross-stick
  • Optional bottom-loading flange

There are 2 versions of the grid:

  • FLEX-TRAK STICK-BUILT where there are only full profile sticks of Main Runners and Cross Sticks. The top track takes 1/2” hardware to enable single point hanging on a 4’x4’ suspension array with high load capacity.
  • FLEX-TRAK HYBRID marries the best features of modular grids and stick-built grids by utilizing Exterior Half Sticks to allow for a bolted together module that can be installed rapidly in modules but also be disassembled for future retrofit work. The grid modules are nominally sized at 8’x12’. The Cross Sticks and Intermediate Sticks are the same full profiles used in the stick-built version. This hybrid version is suspended on a 6’x8’ suspension array with 5/8” hardware.