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EnergyPack® Custom HVAC Solution

EnergyPack Custom HVAC Solution

EnergyPack® Custom HVAC Solution

Premium Packaged HVAC Solution Designed for the Commercial Market — 1,000 to 300,000+ cfm

The EnergyPack product line is a premium, variable aspect ratio, packaged HVAC solution designed for the commercial market and engineered to exact customer specifications with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, specialty filtration, integrated or non-integrated post conditioning technologies, and integrated DDC controls. In addition to the integrated energy recovery ventilation that provides the most cost-effective way to introduce the maximum amount of outdoor air for dilution, the EnergyPack unit also offers a variety of other features and options to provide superior temperature and humidity control along with quiet operation.

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Benefits & Features

Energy Efficiency
  • Energy recovery with high performance enthalpy wheels, heat pipes, aluminum plates, polypropylene plate, and heat and moisture (HM) membrane latent cores (in single or multiple heat exchanger combinations), all certified to AHRI Standard 1060.
  • Microchannel heat exchanger condenser coils for maximum efficiency.
  • Superior controls — including VFDs to optimize fan performance and Variable Refrigerant Control® (VRC) for superior precision temperature control, part-load operation, and the elimination of hot gas bypass.
High-quality Construction
  • 3-inch double-wall, no-through-metal Integrated Thermal Break Framing™ (ITF) cabinet construction.
  • Airtight and watertight floor membrane with optional washdown construction for hospital and healthcare applications.
  • Optional materials or coatings on the interior of the unit, ideal for wastewater treatment plants, pool and natatorium applications, or corrosive seacoast environments.
Superior Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Standard double-wall construction with no exposed insulation and optional direct-drive fans to eliminate fiber erosion in the supply airstream.
  • Thermally broken exterior panels, center partition, roof, and base structure to minimize heat transfer and minimize the possibility of condensation.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sloped drain pans and materials to help prevent microbial growth and provide easily cleanable surfaces.
Flexible Design
  • Nearly unlimited options for air movement, filtration, air-to-air energy recovery, and DDC controls.
  • Heating options — electric, hot water, hot gas reheat, steam, indirect gas-fired.
  • Cooling options — chilled water, split direct expansion (DX).
  • Chilled water, split direct expansion (DX) optional post-conditioning available.
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY increases the energy efficiency, airflow performance, and reliability of your system.
  • Consists of an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, efficient motors, controls, and accessories matched to your air handling requirements.
  • Realize energy savings, typically as high as 40%.

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