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FANWALL® Systems

Fan Systems for New Construction and Replacement Applications

Using our FANWALL Systems to replace aging, end-of-life fans in existing air handlers can be the most cost-effective solution for avoiding the cost and business disruption of an air handler failure while delivering energy savings as high as 40%. Featuring our innovative FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, FANWALL Systems are ideal for replacement applications with access or time limitations, without requiring a major demolition and reconstruction project.

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FANWALL Systems are also a great solution for new construction. Consisting of an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, motors, cabinetry, controls, and accessories matched to your air handling requirements, our FANWALL Systems have become the preferred choice for engineers, contractors, and building owners valuing redundancy, quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency, and low-cost maintenance.

Benefits & Case Studies

High-efficiency Fans
  • Direct-drive fans come in 7 sizes, from 10 to 22 inches, to match your application requirements.
  • Available with Incremental Horsepower High-Efficiency Motors or Ultra-High Efficiency Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors.
Low Sound Levels and Vibration
  • Patented Coplanar Silencer® enclosure reduces discharge sound power by as much as 18 dB.
  • Designed to eliminate vibration at the source through stringent balance requirements and the use of sturdy components.
Reliability Through Redundancy
  • If one fan fails, only that portion of the airflow is lost, unlike single fan systems where the entire air handler goes offline.
  • Loss of airflow from one fan can be offset by increasing the speed on the remaining fans.
Compact, Modular Design
  • Fan Cubes can fit through a standard 3-foot door for applications with access restrictions.
  • There is no need to have a crane on site as is often the case with larger, more conventional fans.
Optimized Performance
  • Variable cube dimensions allow you to match your fan array to fit air tunnel dimensions.
  • On/off control of individual fan cubes to closely match requirements in variable airflow applications with the optimum number of fans and motors operating at peak efficiency.
  • Eliminate components that require routine maintenance and degrade performance over time.

Technical Specifications

Input Ratings
Input Ratings

3-phase 200 - 240VAC (+15% / -10%) | 3-phase 380 - 480VAC (+15% / -10%)


50/60 Hz (+/-5%)


>= 96%, full load

Power Factor

15 - 240 Hz (20-240 Hz for Permanent Magnet motor)

Output Ratings

15 - 240 Hz (20-240 Hz for Permanent Magnet motor)


200-240VAC | 380-480VAC

Control Method

V/F Scalar Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation

Carrier Frequency

2kHz - 10kHz, 0.1kHz resolution, Default 8kHz

Frequency Resolution


Frequency Accuracy

0.01% of Max. Output Frequency

V/F Ratio

Linear, Squared Pattern

Overload Capacity

110%, 60 seconds

Operation Method

Remote Keypad, MODBUS RS485

Shutdown Input

Interrupts the output of the inverter (24VDC 1mA)

Remote Display Interface

MODBUS RTU, 2 ports to daisy-chain units

Communications Interface

e MODBUS RTU, 9600 or 19200 or 38400 bps

Pressure Transducer

Optional Pressure Transducers: 0-10", 0-25" (H20)


3 LEDs: Power, Run, Fault

Operation Functions

Frequency Limit, Frequency Jump, Reverse Rotation Prevention, Auto Restart, Flying Start

Protective Functions

Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Inverter Over Heat, Output Phase Open, Overload, Communication Error, Loss of Analog Signal, Hardware Fault, Short Circuit Protection, Temperature Sensor Fault, Ground Fault

Short Circuit Rating (kAIC)

100 | 65

Cooling Method

Additional forced air cooling must be supplied to meet ratings (accomplished when mounted on FANWALL cube)

Ambient Temperature

-10°C ~ 40°C, (14°F~ 104°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ 65°C, (-4°F~ 149°F)


Pollution Degree 2 Environment, for use in plenum


Altitude Max: 1000m above sea level. Above 1000m, de-rate maximum drive current 2% for each added 1000ft above sea level

Relative Humidity

95% Relative Humidity or less (non-condensing)

Agency Approvals

UL and cUL listed (UL508C, UL1053), CE marked


Built to IBC 2006 International Building Code, no certification required

Enclosure Rating

UL Type 1, Plenum-rated

Harmonic Distortion

<35% THDI, meeting IEEE519 and EN50160


EN 61800-3 (Radiated and Conducted Emissions)


Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/EEC, Low-voltage directive 2006/95/EEC

Remote Display

3.5" diagonal, 262K colors, TFT


LED Backlight, auto-dim option

Operator Interface

Touch Pane

Web Interface

HTML Web Server for easy setup, accessed by connecting laptop to RJ-45 port with standard CAT-5 cable


No external supply needed, power provided by first drive in daisy-chain (over CAT-5 cable)

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