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Makeup Air Units

Makeup Air Handler

Makeup Air Units

100% Outdoor Air Supply — Up to 115,000 cfm

Our Makeup Air Units supply 100% outdoor air to your building, helping you create comfortable building environments with superior indoor air quality. Featuring components and technologies developed to optimize efficiency, conserve energy, and significantly reduce operating costs —  including FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — these systems can be customized with a variety of cooling and heating options, filtration options, direct digital control (DDC) systems, and sizes and configurations to meet your application needs.

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Benefits & Features

Superior Indoor Air Quality
  • Delivers 100% outdoor air while reducing mechanical heating, cooling, and humidification requirements.
  • Thermal Break technology for advanced humidity control.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sloped drain pans and materials to help prevent microbial growth and provide easily cleanable surfaces.
Customizable Features
  • Cooling options — Chilled water, DX, and direct or indirect evaporative.
  • Heating options — Hot water, steam, direct or indirect gas, and electric resistance.
  • Multiple filter options, including pre-filters, high efficiency, HEPA/ULPA, odor control media, and electrostatic precipitation.
  • Indoor or outdoor cabinet construction.
High-quality Construction
  • Modular construction for ease of transport and installation.
  • All welded, heavy-duty tubular steel frame with lifting brackets.
  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless steel cabinet.
  • Prefinished powder coating of all cabinet panels, roof, base, interior partitions, and doors.
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY increases the energy efficiency, airflow performance, and reliability of your system.
  • Consists of an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, efficient motors, controls, and accessories matched to your air handling requirements.
  • Realize energy savings, typically as high as 40%.

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