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V-Cube™ Slim Vertical Self-Contained Systems

V-Cube™ Slim Vertical Self-Contained Systems

V-Cube Slim floor-by-floor cooling and heat pump system is a high efficiency, value-driven solution for floor-by-floor air conditioning and VAV applications. It is ideal for replacing the aging inventory of vertical self-contained units and can serve new construction needs. The key advantage is in the name – Slim. It was designed to fit through common building doors or can be knocked down to access tight spaces. V-Cube Slim combines advanced standard features such as FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® and factory-installed VFDs for the fans and compressor, with tremendous application flexibility for use in water-cooled, DX cooling only, standard or geothermal water source heat pump, or make-up air applications. The knockdown design, compact footprint and comes fully charged design makes it ideal for the replacements market.

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Benefits & Features

  • Available in different sizes that range from 15 to 80 tons that work to match the requirements of a broad range of areas and space loads
  • Cooling only with a standard shell and tube heat exchanger or cooling only with a standard DX coil and an optional waterside economizer
  • Offers a wide range of coil options
  • Available in all configurations as a knock-down replacement unit that can fit through standard doorways, and is available as a split unit for 60 to 80 tons
Energy Efficiency
  • Offering a cooling efficiency up to 12.5 EER and heating efficiency up to 4.3 COP. The V-Cube Slim™ can help conserve precious energy and reduce operating costs
  • A factory mounted Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is standard with each unit to optimize fan energy consumption
  • A modulating scroll lead compressor (standard for VAV systems) provides superior part load operation
  • A factory-integrated controller provides optimum performance while offering flexibility for standalone operation or optional communication with most building automation systems
Quiet Operation and Compact Footprint
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® provides ultra-quiet fan operation and can help avoid costly attenuation
  • Scroll compressors operate smoothly and quietly
  • Heavily attenuated equipment walls may be eliminated, reducing installed costs
High Quality Construction
  • Displays multiple refrigerant circuits to provide redundancy
  • Fan redundancy provided by the FANWALL system allows the unit to operate at nearly full capacity with one fan down
  • Pre-painted cabinet maintains a line-new appearance
  • Factory-packaged and tested solution
  • Simply tooled access panels can be easily removed and replaced for routine maintenance and service
Multiple Fan Options, Including FANWALL Technology
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY increases the efficiency, quiet performance, and reliability of your system
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY consists of an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, efficient motors, controls, and accessories matched to your air handling requirements
  • Eliminates belt, sheave, and bearing maintenance

Technical Specifications

Nominal Unit Size (MBH) Maximum CFM (AHU) Maximum CFM (DX) Height (H) Depth (D) Width (W)
180 5500 5500 73.5 35 86
280 6900 8100 80 35 86
310 N/A 9000 85 35 86.5
350 9000 10300 85 35 86.5
460 N/A 13500 85 35 118
530 13500 15400 85 35 118
630 N/A 18000 90 35 118
700 17000 19400 90 35 118
840 22000 24100 100.5 35 133
960 N/A 24100 100.5 35 133
700-Split N/A 21000 98.5 35 124++
840-Split N/A 21000 98.5 35 124++
960-Split N/A 21000 98.5 35 124++
Approximate Dimensions


  • Approximate dimensions in inches assuming: no waterside economizer section, top discharge and largest fan motor HP
  • ++Assembled length, this unit splits in two halves

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