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Research Labs & Testing Facilities
Experts in Research and Testing
Experts in Research and Testing

Research Labs & Testing Facilities

At Nortek Air Solutions, we take pride in offering the most innovative, high-quality, reliable HVAC systems on the market. To accomplish that goal, we’ve developed rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure that each of our products meets our high standards. And no one knows more about HVAC testing than us.

Based on years of research and development by experts in the field, we’ve built our own research labs and testing facilities, and our lab personnel have garnered the highest reputation from customers and consultants across the country. Comprehensive reports are provided for your project with calibrations, explanations, and test data. If your application requires the ensurance of a unit laboratory test, we invite you to witness your unit operating in our laboratory or factory. Contact your Nortek Air Solutions representative for details.

AMCA-accredited Acoustic Lab - Defining Quiet

We know the importance of acoustics in your building, which is why we pay close attention to the acoustics of your HVAC system and work hard to provide quiet solutions. To ensure that the acoustic performance of our product designs will meet the requirements of your applications, we’ve built our own AMCA-accredited Sound Lab Facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, near the Governair facility.  

Nortek Air Solutions Acoustic Lab is designed and equipped to perform simultaneous testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 300 for sound power levels and AMCA Standard 210 for airflow performance. Since the lab first earned AMCA accreditation, Nortek Air Solutions has worked to continually increase the lab’s capabilities. For example, the lab’s dual AMCA reverberant chambers are among the largest in the industry.

This commitment to continued growth has allowed for testing units in accordance with other standards and requirements, such as AHRI 260 testing, additional acoustical testing methods, thermal testing, vibration testing, cabinet leakage testing, and full power analysis.

The lab provides a wide range of unique services to customers and vendors of our brands, including acoustic modeling, witnessed production testing, and robust performance and diagnostic analysis. The lab is also the site of rigorous, ongoing R&D testing designed to continually enhance and improve all our product lines.

Thermodynamics Lab — Bringing New Technology to Reality

The state-of-the-art Nortek Air Solutions Thermodynamics Laboratory is used to accurately measure thermal performance, airflow, water flow, and energy consumption. This lab focuses on next-generation technology development and precision customer and compliance testing. We perform compliance testing to ASHRAE, AHRI, UL, ETL, and other regulatory standards.

Located minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, the Thermodynamics Laboratory offers impressive full-scale unit and component capabilities, including:

  • Two psychrometric chambers
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Automated testing capabilities
  • Performance testing
    • Cooling capacity from 0.5 to 150 tons
    • Heating capacity from 2 kW to 500 kW
    • Airflow from 100 scfm to 68,000 scfm

Advanced Air Movement and Acoustics Lab — Next-Generation Airflow Technology

The Advanced Air Movement and Acoustics Laboratory verifies the actual airflow and acoustic performance of our technology in a laboratory setting before it is applied in Nortek Air Solutions products. This laboratory is located in Milwaukie, Oregon, convenient to the Huntair production facility in nearby Tualatin.

The research and testing performed at this lab have been essential to the continuous improvement in the patented FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® used in all Nortek Air Solutions air handling equipment. The innovative fan design research and development done here, including advanced fan development, Coplanar Silencer® system and low loss backdraft damper, have kept FANWALL® systems at the forefront of energy efficiency, redundancy, and quiet operations for more than two decades.

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