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Precise Environmental Control for Grow House Conditions
Precise Environmental Control for Grow House Conditions

As with any type of indoor cultivation, the successful operation of grow houses is dependent upon precise environmental control for successful crop growth, crop yields, crop quality and resistance to disease and any unforeseen stresses. Such environmental controls include acceptable indoor humidity levels. Plants that are cultivated in grow houses are sensitive to the amount of moisture in the air throughout each stage of their growing cycle.

Maintaining the Right Humidity Levels

Too much moisture will result in a plant being oversaturated with water, thereby causing stresses such as mold and mildew that prohibits growth. At the same time, too little moisture will result in a plant drying out, which prohibits growth as well. The exact dewpoint must always be maintained for successful plant productivity.

Flexible Air Management Options That Meet Grow House Demands

Nortek Air Solutions’ complete line of energy recovery, packaged and vertical self-contained systems feature direct expansion (DX) coil options that meet any demand or application. DX coils are ideal for grow house facilities because they have a small footprint that doesn’t take away from valuable growing space.

3-,4-,6- and 8-row configurations are available that can be combined with additional components to offer the most precise air control possible. Additional configurations can be provided with a hot gas reheat coil, for dehumidification capabilities, and modulating compressors, for precise growing control conditions.

Coil Types

  • Integrated DX air-cooled – Ideal for stand-alone applications
  • Water-cooled DX with or without water-side economizer
  • Packaged air-source heat pump, up to 70 tons
  • Packaged water-source heat pump with coaxial exchanger, up to 180 tons
  • Packaged water-cooled unit with coaxial exchanger or cleanable shell and tube condensers
  • Evaporative condensing option – Reduces the amount of mechanical cooling needed using the evaporation process to improve heat rejection
  • All Integrated DX solutions can be used in a variable air volume (VAV) down to 40% of the nominal flow and more if required

Filtration Selections to Match Indoor Air Quality Requirements

Air management filtration is another important aspect of grow house operations. Clean air makes for a healthy growing environment. With plants being susceptible to mold and mildew, particulates must be properly removed from the airstream to eliminate plant disease.

Nortek Air Solutions offers a complete line of filtration options that can meet any requirement. From throwaway filters to HEPA final filter systems, carbon or UVGI systems, we can apply the right filtration option to optimize indoor air quality.

Reliable, Industry-Leading Custom DX Units

Nortek Air Solutions offers reliable DX systems that are easy to install, maintain and offer low cost of ownership. Our dependable units are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of grow house requirements by providing solutions with small footprints, high operating efficiencies, filtration standards and multiple levels of redundancy; all concealed within the building design.