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Flexible cleanroom solutions for Biopharma, Biotech Research, Medical Devices, and more.
Flexible cleanroom solutions for Biopharma, Biotech Research, Medical Devices, and more.

With 30+ years of experience providing innovative HVAC solutions for cleanroom and life sciences applications, Nortek Air Solutions and our family of brands have the expertise and range of products you need to design, install, and help maintain the contaminant- and particulate-free environment required in aseptic cleanroom applications for the microtechnology, semiconductor, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer a variety of Cleanroom Systems and solutions for clean manufacturing processes and research facilities, including CLEANPAK® Custom Cleanroom Systems, and a full range of Accessories and Components.

From Grade A and B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms in the 500 square foot range, to university and research cleanrooms in the 10,000 square foot range, to Class 1 to 100,000 semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms in the 50,000+ square foot range, Nortek Air Solutions has defined how cleanroom systems are designed.

Designed with the Cleanroom in Mind

Ventilation and filtration requirements in cleanroom applications are among the most stringent of any industry. With our extensive experience in the life sciences and semiconductor industries, we are uniquely qualified to help you meet your cleanroom goals.

Our custom Cleanroom Air Handling solutions, including both Makeup Air Units and Recirculating Air Handlers, are designed specifically for cleanroom applications, offering the industry’s lowest vibration and noise levels. In addition, these units are designed with quality features that can withstand harsh chemicals used in pharmaceutical environments and provide the efficiency and flexibility to meet the operating requirements of today’s cleanrooms. We also offer fan filter units and small cabinet fans.

If your application requires low turbulence laminar airflow, we offer a variety of Ceiling Systems and Laminar Flow Workstations.