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Flexible Air Handling Solutions for the Ideal Manufacturing Environment
Flexible Air Handling Solutions for the Ideal Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturing and industrial facilities have unique HVAC requirements that need custom-designed solutions. Nortek Air Solutions designs and manufactures reliable, efficient custom HVAC systems for a wide range of industries—including mining, circuit board manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage—as well as systems for cleanroom environments.

We offer indoor and outdoor Air Handlers in all shapes and sizes, as well as custom Packaged Systems and Heat Recovery Units which can help provide the lowest total cost of ownership for your building system. We also give you flexible options to meet the requirements of your manufacturing facility or process.

  • Corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Equipment coatings to help prevent equipment degradation in corrosive environments.
  • Multiple filtration options including HEPA and MERV, offering the capability to remove particulate down to the nanometer if your process requires.
  • Humidification or dehumidification capabilities.

Reliability and Redundancy

Manufacturing facilities can operate 24/7/365. In many industrial applications, a catastrophic failure of the HVAC system could lead to an interruption of normal operations and productivity. Nortek Air Solutions offers ideal solutions to help you maintain uninterrupted operations in your manufacturing facility.

  • Multiple fans in our patented FANWALL® Systems and multiple refrigeration circuits in some DX systems provide redundancy.
  • Where N+1 redundancy is required, Nortek Air Solutions can deliver it in the smallest footprint and with the lowest electrical requirements.
  • Where applicable, Nortek Air Solutions products are HCAI (formerly known as OSHPD) and IBC pre-approved for special seismic design.

Low Maintenance and Easy Service

Because an air handler failure could result in downtime and lost revenue, manufacturing and industrial facilities require reliable, low maintenance, and easy-to-service systems that ensure maximum uptime, peak performance, and a high-quality environment. We design and manufacture our air handlers to be reliable, low maintenance solutions.

  • FANWALL Systems use permanently lubricated motors and direct-drive fans with no belts, sheaves, or bearings that require routine maintenance or replacement, adding up to significant savings over the life cycle of the system.
  • Repair or maintenance of FANWALL systems can usually be handled by one or two personnel without requiring mechanical lifts, since components are smaller.
  • Walk-in service vestibules provide easy access to fans, coils, compressors, controls, and other critical components which encourages routine maintenance.
  • Custom replacement hydronic and DX coils with AHRI Certified™ performance meet even the most demanding timelines.

Operating Efficiency

Less energy consumption from air conditioning or process cooling and heating can significantly improve your bottom line, not to mention the environment.

  • FANWALL Systems allow the optimal system for your application with the lowest possible brake horsepower and electrical requirements.
  • Where ambient conditions are favorable, Adiabatic Systems and Economizers can reduce or eliminate mechanical cooling, providing dramatic reductions in energy consumption.
  • High-efficiency fans in FANWALL systems help eliminate system effect to meet flow and static pressure at the boundary of your air handler.
  • Nortek Air Solutions offers controls that can be integrated with the building automation system of your choice, from System Optimization Controls to maintain peak efficiency in FANWALL systems, to DDC controls for chiller and DX systems.

Cleanroom Environments

We offer a variety of Cleanroom Systems and solutions for manufacturing processes that require particle- and contaminant-free environments, including ceiling systems, modular cleanrooms, and laminar flow workstations.

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