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Creating Comfortable and Productive Work Environments
Creating Comfortable and Productive Work Environments

To create office spaces that will keep employees and tenants comfortable and productive, you need to provide high indoor air quality, low sound levels, and reliability while reducing your total cost of operation. In addition, sustainable design and systems are becoming an important factor in attracting tenants and employees. Your office building’s high-performance, sustainable comfort system can be an asset to your bottom line.

Retail spaces have the same comfort requirements, with the added complexity of varying occupancy depending on the time of day or the season of the year. Managing your comfort systems to meet the precise needs of employees and shoppers while managing your operating costs is imperative.

Nortek Air Solutions has a long history of providing efficient and reliable HVAC systems for office buildings and retail spaces.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

We offer a number of solutions and innovations that provide superior indoor air quality and comfort to occupants in office buildings and customers in retail settings.

Our Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems supply 100% outdoor air to your building spaces, while minimizing energy consumption and costs.

We’ve developed humidity control solutions to measure temperature and humidity in multiple locations throughout your building and adjust automatically. We also offer more coil options than any competitor, helping you solve even the most demanding of dehumidification applications. And we’re an industry leader in filtration, with experience removing particulates with HEPA and MERV filters.

We’ve developed innovative solutions for sound control and noise reduction — including our Coplanar Silencer® — to optimize your building for productivity with less distracting system noise.

High Efficiency and Low Operating Costs

With our high-performance, high-efficiency custom HVAC solutions, you save energy and reduce operating costs, while earning points toward LEED® Certification.

  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® for air handlers offers optimized airflow and energy efficiency, quiet operation, and reduced maintenance and service.
  • Adiabatic systems and Economizers take advantage of free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable.
  • Energy Recovery Systems are favored by ASHRAE Std. 90.1 to use energy recovery whenever possible. We have the expertise and variety of options to help you with your energy recovery application.

If you’re looking to replace an aging air handler or fan with a more efficient, reliable solution, FANWALL® Systems and Knockdown Air Handlers are ideal for replacement and retrofit applications. We also offer floor-by-floor Vertical Self-contained Systems optimized for replacement or upgrade projects.

Reliable Solutions with Low Maintenance and Easy Service

To ensure a consistently comfortable and productive environment for your office employees or retail customers, you need an HVAC system that’s reliable and easy to maintain. And if a problem occurs, your maintenance team wants equipment with easy access to crucial components to ensure maximum uptime, peak performance, and a high-quality environment. Equipment from Nortek Air Solutions meets both requirements.

Our FANWALL systems use permanently lubricated motors and direct-drive fans with no belts, sheaves, or bearings that require routine maintenance or replacement. The fan arrays are constructed from smaller components than traditional air handlers, so repair or maintenance can usually be handled by one or two personnel without requiring mechanical lifts. And when a fan or motor failure does occur in a FANWALL system, the remaining operating fans can compensate to maintain airflow and static pressure until the failed component can be repaired or replaced.

We design our equipment with ample indoor service access and walk-in vestibules to simplify service and maintenance on fans, coils, compressors, controls, and other critical components. We offer custom solutions with specialized anti-corrosive materials like aluminum and stainless steel for demanding applications. And we manufacture our own custom AHRI Certified™ coils, so we can deliver replacement parts under tight deadlines.

If your building is located in a seismic zone, Nortek Air Solutions manufactures products that are OSHPD and IBC pre-approved.

Blue Cross Blue Shield — FANWALL® Retrofit - Kansas City, MO

FANWALL® arrays are used to replace aging fans in the Kansas City Blue Cross Blue Shield office, resulting in improved system reliability and energy savings.

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Delta Dental of Michigan — Ultraline™ Custom Packaged Rooftop System - Okemos, Michigan

Delta Dental of Michigan uses energy-efficient Ultraline™ Custom Packaged Rooftop Systems for its headquarters expansion to achieve LEED® Gold Certification.

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