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Efficient, Reliable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments
Efficient, Reliable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments

Nortek CleanSpace and our CLEANPAK product offering has some of the most complex manufacturing needs of any market, requiring particulate- and contaminant-resistant environments and high-quality ventilation. Owners and managers of pharmaceutical facilities want high efficiency, reliability, and low vibration from their mechanical systems.

Nortek Air Solutions has years of experience designing and manufacturing clean environments, from Grade A and B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms in the 500 square foot range, to university and research cleanrooms in the 10,000 square foot range, to Class 1 to 100,000 semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms in the 50,000+ square foot range. We offer a range of custom air handling solutions to help you create and maintain the ideal pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

Plenum CLEANPAK® products offer a wide range of Cleanroom Ceiling Systems, including several modular and stick-built systems, top- and bottom-load systems, gasketed and gel flush ceilings with integrated lighting and fire protection, and gasketed T grids.

Clean-Trak® plenums minimize transverse ducts and duct collars while reducing overall pressure drop and offer the benefits of our Clean-Trak flush ceiling grid, including integrated lighting and fire protection as well as superior performance.

Huntair® and CLEANPAK air handler and fan filter units were designed specifically for cleanroom applications to provide the highest level of performance, efficiency, reliability, and low vibration and noise levels. Units feature easily cleanable surfaces and low off-gas materials able to withstand harsh chemicals. Air handler types include makeup air, recirculating air, small cabinet fans, and fan filter units.

Our Laminar Flow Workstations from the Servicor brand are convenient, affordable, portable clean environments that provide a contamination-controlled Class 100 work environment.