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Indoor Air Quality — Innovations for Indoor Environments

Indoor Air Quality — Innovations for Indoor Environments
Indoor Air Quality — Innovations for Indoor Environments

Buildings exist to protect people from the elements and to support the work, health, and enjoyment of occupants. Yet the growing proliferation of chemical pollutants in commercial products, the tendency toward tighter building envelopes and reduced ventilation to save energy, and pressures to defer maintenance and other building services to reduce costs, all result in indoor air quality challenges in many buildings. Occupant discomfort or complaints can cause conflicts between occupants and building managers.

With this in mind, indoor air quality is a primary consideration in our air handling solutions. We’ve made several innovations — particularly in humidity control, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems for ventilation, and filtration — that can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Humidity Control

Our innovations in the area of humidity control — including Thermal Breaks and control systems — will help you supply air at the right humidity to your building spaces, even in demanding applications such as art galleries and museums. Our controls specifically measure the temperature and humidity in multiple locations and adjust the cooling or heating to make sure that the various zones of your building have the correct humidity levels. We offer multiple stages of hot gas reclaim, ensuring that thermal comfort and energy efficiency are met during dehumidification mode.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Nortek Air Solutions is an expert in manufacturing and controlling Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems. Using a dedicated outdoor air system helps ensure that you’re delivering the right amount of outdoor air to each space. Energy savings can also result from treating outdoor air in one system, leaving only the sensible cooling load for the remaining components of the HVAC system. Dedicated outdoor air systems and other HVAC systems can use Energy Recovery Technology developed by Nortek Air Solutions to supply as much outdoor air as required, while minimizing the associated energy consumption.


As an industry leader in cleanroom air handling technology, we have vast experience in air filtration, including removing particulates down to the nanometer. We offer solutions to meet even the most stringent indoor air quality requirements, including MERV 13 filters to help earn LEED® credits, HEPA final filters for microprocessor manufacturing, and carbon filters for areas where toxic fumes may need to be removed, as well as pre-filters, high-efficiency, odor-control media, and electrostatic precipitation.

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