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Sound & Noise — Innovative Noise-Reduction Technologies

Sound & Noise — Innovative Noise-Reduction Technologies
Sound & Noise — Innovative Noise-Reduction Technologies

At Nortek Air Solutions, we understand that acoustics are a major consideration for your air handling solution, and many building types require HVAC systems with low sound levels — not just offices or schools, but also healthcare facilities, theaters, museums, and laboratories.

Our innovative noise-reduction technologies will help you lower sound levels for comfortable, functional building environments.

Active Noise Control

Our Active Noise Control module — designed specifically for our FANWALL® Systems — is the most compact option for added control of inlet sound on the market, providing up to 22 dB reduction in sound power. Each module is attached to the FANWALL cube inlet to provide sound attenuation in the critical lower octave bands, while adding zero air pressure drop to the system. FANWALL active noise control eliminates as much as 0.75″ of constant static-pressure penalty versus other attenuator options.

Coplanar Silencer®

Our Coplanar Silencer reduces fan sound power levels by up to 18 dB — and maintains full-fan efficiency — without adding any length to the system for attenuation devices. The patented enclosure for FANWALL cubes is lined with perforated steel and acoustic insulation. Noise is reduced by directing the sound wave through multiple layers of acoustically absorbent material between the fans in the array.

Designed for Quiet Operation — FANWALL Systems and Vertical Self-contained System

Our FANWALL systems are available with a high-performance polymer fan wheel. This premium, efficient, quiet fan has an improved aerodynamic blade shape, shroud, and cone. Additionally, its material provides damping to reduce sound tones from the impeller and motor, resulting in typical sound reduction of 5 dB of fan blade passage frequencies on inlet and discharge.

FANWALL systems are designed to eliminate vibration at the source, within each FANWALL cube, through stringent balance requirements and the use of sturdy components. This results in more efficient and quieter operation and eliminates the need to isolate a FANWALL array within the air handler. It can also help eliminate the need for a concrete inertia pad for the air handler, while meeting requirements for seismic certification.

The V-Cube™ Vertical Self-contained System is designed to be so quiet that it can be installed adjacent to occupied spaces without costly attenuation features.

The acoustic performance of our product designs are verified in the Nortek Air Solutions AMCA-accredited sound lab.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center - Nashville, TN

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center replaces flood-damaged air handlers with FANWALL® equipped Knockdown Units, providing protection from future flood damage.

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