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Why Data Center Cooling is Absolutely Essential in 2020

Data centers use a ton of power. It’s no surprise that they do. Consider the amount of computing power a data center manages, all while fitting onto a single data floor. Then there’s the infrastructure required to cool and maintain the perfect operating environment forRead more

Air Solutions for Data Center Cooling

Air solutions for data center cooling are increasingly in demand these days. When we consider the rise in internet and cloud computing and the connected nature of the world around us, we know that the demand for computers and the internet isn’t going to slowRead more

Nortek Celebrates the Completion of the First StatePoint™ Liquid Cooling System

The first StatePoint™ Liquid Cooling system, “The World’s First Sustainable Data Center Cooling Technology,” reduces energy and water consumption in data centers. Oklahoma City, Okla., Dec. 16 , 2019 — Nortek Air Solutions (NAS), St. Louis, MO., a leading provider of custom air handlers, celebratedRead more

Hospital’s New Children Cardio Surgery ORs Incorporate State-of-the-Art HVAC System Design

Orlando’s Nemours Children’s Hospital ORs use custom air handlers with dual low temperature coils, UV and HEPA filtration, energy wheel, fan walls and other cutting-edge features, Open heart surgery for children demands some of the healthcare industry’s most stringent indoor environmental quality (IEQ) requirements; howeverRead more

Nortek Air Solutions Now Offers the Niagara Framework® Controls Environment

Tridium’s best-of-class solution is now part of NAS’ product offering and it will help roll out its control unification goal for custom commercial equipment. ST. LOUIS (Oct. 3, 2019) Nortek Air Solutions (NAS), the largest manufacturer of custom HVAC equipment in North America, is nowRead more