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Creating Comfortable and Productive Learning Environments
Creating Comfortable and Productive Learning Environments

At Nortek Air Solutions, we’re experts in helping you create the comfortable, productive, energy-efficient environments you need for your K-12 or higher education facility. Superior indoor air quality and low sound levels are particularly important for the students and educators who use your buildings.

We also understand your need to manage operating costs, so our systems are designed to reduce energy consumption. Our HVAC systems respond to extreme variations in occupancy levels in building spaces — from fully occupied classrooms or lecture halls with significant outdoor air requirements, to spaces that periodically go unused — without sacrificing indoor comfort and air quality or wasting energy in unoccupied spaces.

Our Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems deliver 100% outdoor air to your building spaces. Our innovative humidity control solutions measure temperature and humidity in multiple locations throughout your building and adjust automatically. And, we’re an industry leader in filtration, having designed systems for a variety of spaces in education facilities, including classrooms, gymnasiums, labs, and data centers.

We’ve developed innovative solutions for sound control and noise reduction to eliminate excess noise and distractions in your educational facility.

High Performance, High Efficiency, and Low Operating Costs

We’re pioneers in developing high-performance, high-efficiency custom air handling solutions, including free cooling technology and Energy Recovery Systems. Our innovations in energy efficiency  result in significant savings and lower operating costs, while contributing to LEED®Certification.

We’re also the creators of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — a patented, integrated fan array solution for air handlers and DX systems that is the preferred choice for engineers, contractors, and building owners who value redundancy, quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency, and lower maintenance and service costs.

If you need to replace an aging air handler or fan with a more efficient, reliable solution, FANWALL® Systems and Knockdown Air Handlers are ideal for replacement and retrofit applications.

Reliable Solutions with Low Maintenance and Easy Service

Your air handling solution needs easy service access and low maintenance requirements to help ensure maximum uptime, peak performance, and a high quality environment. We design and manufacture our air handlers to be reliable, low maintenance solutions.

Our FANWALL systems use permanently lubricated motors and direct-drive fans with no belts, sheaves or bearings that require routine maintenance or replacement. The fan arrays are constructed from smaller components than traditional air handlers, so repair or maintenance can typically be handled by one or two personnel without requiring mechanical lifts. And when a fan or motor failure does occur in a FANWALL system, the remaining operating fans can compensate to maintain airflow and static pressure until the failed component can be repaired or replaced.

We design our air handlers with ample indoor service access and walk-in vestibules to simplify service and maintenance on fans, coils, compressors, controls, and other critical components. We offer custom solutions with specialized anti-corrosive materials like aluminum and stainless steel to help prevent equipment degradation. And we manufacture our own custom AHRI Certified™ coils, so we can deliver replacement coils under tight deadlines.

Battle Creek Central High School - Battle Creek, MI

Battle Creek Central High School uses 14 Energy Recovery System Air Handlers in a renovation project, giving them an innovative, energy-efficient solution.

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Battle Creek Central High School
John E. Jaqua Academic Center - Oregon

Rooftop EnergyPack® air handling units help the University of Oregon provide advanced comfort to student athletes in their new academic support center.

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