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Clean, Comfortable Environments for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Clean, Comfortable Environments for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities — including hospitals, operating rooms (OR), ambulatory surgery centers, medical office buildings and clinics, research centers, extended care centers, and veterinary clinics — have unique air handling needs that often vary space by space in a building. For example, an operating room or lab will have more stringent ventilation, filtration, and pressurization requirements than a hospital lobby.

While the HVAC system is only one component of creating the ideal environment in a healthcare facility, it can represent a major part of the operating budget. And given that many healthcare facilities operate on very tight profit margins while maintaining a 24/7/365 schedule, opportunities to lower operating costs without sacrificing indoor environmental quality can make a significant contribution to the bottom line.

Nortek Air Solutions offers a range of innovative, reliable, high-efficiency custom solutions to help you create clean and comfortable environments for the patients and staff in your healthcare facility.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality requirements in healthcare facilities — including humidity control and filtration — are among the most stringent of any building application.

Our custom air handling solutions will help you optimize the indoor air quality of your healthcare facility. Our Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems deliver 100% outdoor air to your building spaces that require it. These systems offer high-efficiency operation, filtration options, and direct digital control (DDC) systems.

We offer advanced filtration options — including HEPA final filters — as well as mold and microbial-inhibiting components, such as UVGI lights, stainless steel cabinets, and drain pans, as well as antimicrobial coatings to ensure the quality of your indoor air.

Our humidity control solutions measure temperature and humidity in multiple locations throughout your building and adjust automatically. We’ve also developed innovative solutions for sound control and noise reduction.

High Performance and Low Operating Costs

We’re an industry leader with a strong reputation for developing innovative solutions for improved air handler performance and efficiency. Our efficiency innovations, such as airside and waterside economizers, energy recovery, and free cooling systems, can help you save energy and lower operating costs, while contributing to LEED® Certification.

We’re also the creators of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — the patented, integrated fan array solution for air handlers that has become the preferred choice for engineers, contractors, and building owners who value redundancy, quiet operation, optimized energy efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

Reliability You Can Count On

Reliability is particularly important in healthcare applications, where a system failure could affect the health, safety, and comfort of patients and staff.

Our FANWALL Systems are designed with reliability in mind. With conventional single fan and motor systems, a failure of either component shuts down the entire air handler system. This creates a critical path failure that requires immediate, costly action. When a fan or motor failure occurs in a FANWALL system, the remaining operating fans can compensate to maintain airflow and static pressure until the failed component can be repaired or replaced. Additionally, FANWALL systems use permanently lubricated motors and direct-drive fans with no belts, sheaves, or bearings that require routine maintenance or replacement. The fan arrays are constructed from smaller components than traditional air handlers, so repair or maintenance can usually be handled by one or two personnel without requiring mechanical lifts.

We design our air handlers with ample indoor service access and walk-in vestibules to simplify service and maintenance on fans, coils, compressors, controls, and other critical components. We offer custom solutions with specialized anti-corrosive materials like aluminum and stainless steel for demanding applications. And we manufacture our own custom AHRI Certified™ coils, so we can deliver replacement coils under tight deadlines.

Our Children’s House at Baylor - Dallas, TX

With a new building already under construction, a children’s healthcare facility in Dallas made a change in the design of one of its critical air handlers. That change provided greatly increased reliability in limited equipment space as well as reduced acoustic signature.

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Our Children’s House at Baylor
Dell Children’s Medical Center - Austin, TX

Nortek Air Solutions provides a Temtrol brand Custom Air Handler with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® to help Dell Children's Medical Center achieve LEED® -Platinum Certification.

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Dell Children’s Medical Cente