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Replacement — FANWALL® Systems and Knockdown Air Handlers

Replacement — FANWALL® Systems and Knockdown Air Handlers
Replacement — FANWALL® Systems and Knockdown Air Handlers

Our custom flexibility and application expertise provides a wide variety of solutions for replacement and retrofit applications. Whether you need to replace an aging air handler or fan, require a unique configuration or shorter footprint on a retrofit project, or face access and installation challenges, our high-performance solutions offer energy efficiency, low sound levels, and superior indoor air quality.

FANWALL Systems — Ideal for Air Handler and Fan Retrofits

Using a FANWALL System to replace older, end-of-life fans in existing air handlers can be the most cost-effective solution for avoiding the business disruption of an air handler failure, while delivering energy savings as high as 40%.

In many cases, fan or air handler replacements have access limitations that require the time and expense of a major demolition and reconstruction project. A FANWALL system can minimize this and other barriers.

  • The performance of the new system can be optimized to match actual capacity and airflow requirements.
  • Ancillary components that created static-pressure penalties in the old system can be removed, such as sound attenuators and air blenders.
  • Retrofits often can happen over a weekend or during unoccupied timeframes to minimize downtime or disruption of normal business.

We’ve engineered FANWALL retrofit solutions for offices, educational facilities, entertainment venues, hotels, hospitals, data centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Knockdown Air Handlers for Replacement Projects

Our Knockdown Units offer a cost-effective solution for replacement projects with access limitations. The air handler brands of Nortek Air Solutions offer two options of knockdown air handlers for tight spaces and installation schedules. In 30+ years of making custom air handlers we’ve perfected the design of knockdown units based on feedback from our customers. Knockdown construction means the unit is specifically designed and manufactured to fit through your field opening and meet your weight constraints. The result — faster field installation of a high-quality, site-built air handler.

As an added benefit, the performance of your knockdown unit can be optimized to match your current capacity and airflow requirements to reduce operating expenses over the life of your new air handler.

Coil Replacements

Replacement coils are available from both Temtrol based in Okarche, Oklahoma and Ventrol based in Montreal, Quebec. Each offers a full line of coil types and materials. All our coils are made of the highest-quality materials, manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure the finest coils, tested to AHRI certification standards and designed for long life and top performance.

Transamerica Pyramid — FANWALL® Retrofit - San Francisco, CA

The 1970s era air handler fans serving floors 1 to 18 of the Transamerica Pyramid required continual maintenance. Any replacement system needed to minimize tenant disruptions, reduce energy costs, and lower sound levels.

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