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High-Efficiency, Flexible Retrofit & Upgrade Solutions
High-Efficiency, Flexible Retrofit & Upgrade Solutions

An upgrade or replacement of your inefficient or unreliable HVAC equipment offers you significant energy savings and improves sound levels, indoor air quality, and reliability as well as the net operating income and value of your building asset.

Nortek Air Solutions has a long tradition of developing innovative air handler retrofit and replacement solutions that are reliable, efficient, high performance, and perfect for solving installation challenges and space constraints with minimal disruption to building occupants or processes.

High Performance, High Efficiency, and Low Operating Costs

HVAC systems account for a significant amount of the energy consumed in most buildings, making them an obvious target for reducing operating costs. Lowering the operating budget can translate into a higher net operating income and value of any building asset, especially in buildings using unreliable or inefficient systems. Our efficiency innovations can help you save energy and lower operating costs, while contributing to LEED® Certification points.

  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® for air handlers offers optimized airflow and energy efficiency, quiet operation, and reduced maintenance and service.
  • Adiabatic Systems and Economizers take advantage of free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable.
  • Energy Recovery Systems are favored by ASHRAE Std. 90.1 to use energy recovery whenever possible. We have the expertise and variety of options to help you with your energy recovery application.

We’re also the creators of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY — the patented, integrated fan array solution for air handlers offering quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency, and low cost maintenance and service. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY incorporated in air handlers can result in significant savings in unit length versus conventional fans, which can provide added space in crowded mechanical rooms.

An air handler cabinet can maintain its integrity well beyond fans, coils, and other components. By replacing fans with a FANWALL® System, the existing cabinet can be retained. This is often the most effective solution for avoiding the cost and business disruption of an air handler failure, while delivering energy savings as high as 40%. Additionally, the performance of your new FANWALL system can be optimized to match actual capacity, airflow, and sound requirements.

Solutions for Access, Space, and Time Challenges

We’ve developed a variety of innovative solutions for replacement applications that have limited or difficult access or space and installation schedule constraints.

Our Knockdown Units offer a cost-effective solution for replacement projects with access limitations. We engineer and manufacture our knockdown units to be disassembled prior to installation, making it possible to move the different components of the unit into tight mechanical room spaces without demolition and reconstruction projects.

For applications with space constraints, modular fans can be replaced using individual FANWALL cubes that can be navigated through a standard elevator and 3-foot door and stacked inside an air handler cabinet. Additionally, modular air handler replacement sections can be sized to meet minimum access requirements and reassembled in the space where access is not as constrained.

We offer Vertical Self-contained Systems for quiet, efficient, cost-effective floor-by-floor air handling. Their compact footprint reduces the unit’s space requirements, and our knockdown capability allows the unit to fit through standard 3-foot doorways and in service elevators without breaking refrigerant lines.

Site-built air handlers can be designed into the building structure for the most extreme cases of access and dimensional constraints. 3D modeling of the space prior to starting construction helps minimize site alterations and manage the project timeline and costs.

Reliable Solutions with Low Maintenance and Easy Service

One of the primary reasons to replace or upgrade your air handler system is for improved reliability. You want to provide a consistently comfortable environment for the people who use your building, so you need a system that’s low maintenance and easy to service.

Our FANWALL systems use permanently lubricated motors and direct-drive fans with no belts, sheaves, or bearings that require routine maintenance or replacement. The fan arrays are constructed from smaller components than traditional air handlers, so repair or maintenance can usually be handled by one or two personnel without requiring mechanical lifts. And when a fan or motor failure does occur in a FANWALL system, the remaining operating fans can compensate to maintain airflow and static pressure until the failed component can be repaired or replaced.

We design our air handlers with ample indoor service access and walk-in vestibules to simplify service and maintenance on fans, coils, compressors, controls, and other critical components. We offer custom solutions with specialized anti-corrosive materials like aluminum and stainless steel for demanding applications. And we manufacture our own custom AHRI Certified™ coils, so we can deliver replacement parts under tight deadlines.

Blue Cross Blue Shield — FANWALL® Retrofit - Kansas City, MO

FANWALL® arrays are used to replace aging fans in the Kansas City Blue Cross Blue Shield office, resulting in improved system reliability and energy savings.

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